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It’s nearly/kind-of spring! This month we’re welcoming back old favourite Nevil, along with a new speaker from St Andrews: Chia Liu. We’re meeting in Appleton Tower, 2.11 at 5.30pm on Friday 22nd Mar.

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Survival analysis in R

Chia Liu is an Associate Lecturer at the University of St Andrews, School of Geography and Sustainable Development, under the Population & Health research group. She will demonstrates how to conduct survival analysis in R. Survival analysis, sometimes called event history or duration analysis, is widely used in medical research, social sciences, epidemiology, and engineering to uncover the rate of event occurrences. Using the survival package, Chia will demonstrate how to create survival objects, visualise non-parametric estimations, and conduct multivariate analyses within the survival framework.

The Travelling Comedian Problem

Nevil Hopley is currently a Senior Data Analyst at the Scottish Qualifications Authority. In this talk, he shall demonstrate the use of gganimate when examining the UK tour routes taken by the comedian Dave Gorman, between 2009 and 2023. In a twist on the classic Traveling Salesman problem, we shall discover whether Dave Gorman could have travelled less distance per day, on average, by performing in the same towns, but in a different order.

March 2024: Survival analysis and travelling comedians

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