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Happy Lunar New Year, it’s the year of the dragon! This month we’re doing something a little different and running a workshop. Please bring a laptop with R and RStudio (or some other IDE) installed, as well as the tidyverse. We’re meeting in 50 George Square, G.05 at 5.30pm on Friday 23rd Feb.

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This session will be led by Dr Brittany Blankinship and Dr Kasia Banas, two academics from the Data Driven Innovation for Health and Social Care Talent Team, based at the Usher Institute. Brittany and Kasia are avid R programmers and data science educators.

Supercharge your R practice with pair programming

Pair programming is a technique widely used in software development. Having two developers work together on a single coding task results in code that is cleaner, less buggy and more efficient. Pair programming also improves the developers’ communication skills and makes coding more accessible to people from minority groups. In this session, we’ll introduce the technique and invite you to try it out – you’ll be put into pairs and given R programming challenges to solve together.

February 2024: Supercharge your R practice with pair programming

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