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A new year, a new you! Come along this Oct to develop your R skills at our session in the Appleton Tower AT_2.14 at 5pm on Friday 27th Oct.

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  • Carmen Cabrera-Arnau is a Lecturer in Geographic Data Science at the Department of Geography and Planning of the University of Liverpool and a member of the Geographic Data Science Lab. Her research is about developing modelling frameworks to uncover spatial and temporal patterns displayed by new forms of data in the context of urbanisation. Specifically, she is interested in establishing analytical tools to account for the variability in patterns of human mobility across spatiotemporal scales and population groups.

  • Harry Peaker is a Data Scientist at Smart Data Foundry. He has a background in mathematics and healthcare data science using R and R Shiny to develop applications in both proof of concept and production contexts as well supporting researchers improve reproducibility and showcase their research.

An introduction to Network Analysis for Geographic Information Science in R

Carmen Cabrera-Arnau

In this talk, I will be introducing the R computational notebooks of a workshop called “An introduction to Network Analysis for GIS”. The workshop offers an overview of the most fundamental concepts in network analysis, some of which are particularly relevant when working with geospatial data. These concepts are illustrated via some examples using the African road network based on data from OpenStreetMap and Africapolis.

R shiny from prototype to production:

Harry Peaker

How do you take your prototype Shiny application, thrown together in an afternoon, and turn it into a robust production ready application? This talk will discuss some of the experiences and challenges encountered when integrating R Shiny applications into part of a larger product.

October 2023: network analysis and shiny in production

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