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We’re on a roll! After a full house last month, we’re continuing with another great session in late April in Appleton Tower AT_2.12.

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  • Gordon Bryden is a senior assistant statistician at the Scottish Government.

  • Nevil Hopley is head of Mathematics at George Watsons School and soon-to-be a Senior Data Analyst at the Scottish Qualifications Authority.

opendatascot - an R package to collect Scottish Official Statistics

Gordon Bryden is the central source for Scottish official statistics. opendatascot is an R package designed to allow for easy downloading and exploration of this resource using simple and comfortable functions, and returning tidy formatted data ready for analysis, visualisation and app production. This talk will demonstrate the usage of this library, expose some of its under-the-hood workings, and show its journey from an ad-hoc collection of functions to a well maintained and documented library thanks to the R Packages book.

Ace a Technical Interview, using R

Nevil Hopley

This talk will describe the preparation of a pre-interview task for a Data Analyst job. After sourcing a data set in Excel from a website, it is then imported into RStudio, reshaped, cleaned, filtered and then some visualisation decisions applied to generate ggplot graphics for inclusion in an interview presentation. No careers were harmed during the making of this talk. There will also be opportunity for audience members to constructively critique both the code and the approach used!

April 2023: Technical interviews and access</p></blockquote>

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