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Our third session of 2021/22 is our second focused on climate and will be on November 17th, join us from 5.30pm online! As usual, the meeting is open for all to attend, and newcomers / beginners are especially welcome.

In order to join us, please register with MeetUp.

We’re using a chat group for EdinbR, come and catch up with the community on Matrix. Our talk this month will primarily be available on Matrix - along with session chat. We will also be running a stream to YouTube, if you are unable to join us on Matrix.

Our speakers are Iris Oren and Robin Lovelace.

  • Iris Oren is an Operational Research Analyst in the Energy and Climate Change Analysis team of Scottish Government. She uses R in modelling work and tries to promote the use of open source tools for reproducible analysis in government.

  • Robin Lovelace is an Associate Professor of Transport Data Science at the Leeds Institute for Transport Studies (ITS) with research interests ranging from optimal zoning systems for urban analysis to analysis of road safety data. He is also a keen R user, developer and teacher, author of Geocomputation with R and several R packages.

R package for climate target modelling (TIMES)

Iris Oren

What is the optimal way for a country to meet its climate change targets taking into account the myriad of complex constraints that exist? The TIMES modelling framework ( is used internationally to model energy systems and answer this question. To date, TIMES has largely been used by means of a graphical user interface. I will present a new R package that enables TIMES data to be imported and analysed in R, enhancing the reproducibility of energy systems modelling.

Open source software for decaRbonisation

A case study of tools to support sustainable transport plans

Robin Lovelace

Robin will discuss his experience of researching and deploying transport models to inform sustainable policies. R underpins his role as Lead Developer of the Propensity to Cycle Tool, an open source and open access tool being used to support evidence-based strategic cycle network plans.

November 2021: DecaRbonisation and climate target modelling

Our speakers are Iris Oren and Robin Lovelace

See you there!


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