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Our second session of 2021/22 is focused on climate and will be on October 20th, join us from 5.30pm online! As usual, the meeting is open for all to attend, and newcomers / beginners are especially welcome.

In order to join us, please register with MeetUp. We’re using a chat group for EdinbR, come and catch up with the community on Matrix. Our talk this month will primarily be available on Matrix - along with session chat. We will also be running a stream to YouTube, if you are unable to join us on Matrix.

Our speakers are Amieroh Abrahams and Marjan van de Weg.

  • Amieroh Abrahams is an Oceanographer turned data scientist at Fathom Data. She spends an inordinate amount of time working in R and developing training material in other technology at the Training wing of Fathom Data. Amieroh enjoys hiking and loves visiting the ocean.

  • Marjan van de Weg is the senior data consultant at Changeworks, a Scottish environmental NGO that is helping Scotland to become more energy efficient and switch to low carbon heating. She used R in her previous academic work and at Changeworks she leads the data analysis on projects for local authorities.

How Oceanographers use R to detect the impact of Climate Change

Amieroh Abrahams

Bakun (1990) hypothesized that an increase in greenhouse gases will result in considerable changes of global wind patterns and ultimately affect oceanic processes. Is this true? Join me and explore how R was used to test this hypothesis.

Using R at an environmental NGO

Marjan van de Weg

In her talk, Marjan will discuss how and when her data team uses R for the projects, such as local heat and energy efficiency strategies (LHEES) and the monitoring and evaluation of energy efficiency and low carbon heating. Marjan will also discuss the specifics of using R in a non-specialist (NGO) context.

October 2021: R in a changing climate

Our speakers are Amieroh Abrahams and Marjan van de Weg

See you there!

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