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The third session of 2021 will be on March 17th, join us from 5.30pm online! As usual, the meeting will be open for all to attend, and newcomers / beginners are very welcome.

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Our speakers are Mirjam Eiswirth and Elliot Meador.

  • Mirjam Eiswirth is a postdoctoral researcher at the sociolinguistics lab at the University of Duisburg-Essen. Before moving to Germany, she finished her PhD in Linguistics and English Language at the University of Edinburgh. She mostly works on variation and change in language in interaction.

  • Elliot Meador is a computational social scientist and data scientist working as a research fellow within the Rural Policy Centre at SRUC in Edinburgh, UK. His work focuses on mapping rural resilience in Scotland and understanding how policy impacts community resilience. Elliot’s research also looks at how information on sustainable agriculture practices is shared between farmers and how this influences behaviour change related to sustainable development.

Do people with Type 1 Diabetes talk and tweet about the same things?

Mirjam Eiswirth

In this presentation I explore ways of comparing a set of transcribed conversational data with a set of data from Twitter. I specifically look at 24 hours of recordings of talk about Type 1 Diabetes relative to Tweets within the context of the diabetes online community. This comparison allows us to assess how representative the concerns raised in the conversations are of the world-wide discourses around Type 1 Diabetes on English-language Twitter, and in how far they are specific to the participants or to the location these participants are from.

Does it have to look like a 90’s website? Introduction to CSS and HTML for styling interactive outputs in R

Elliot Meador

In this talk we will review some easy wins when it comes to styling interactive outputs in R, including Shiny web applications and flexdashboards. Specifically, we’ll discuss Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and how they can be used to add some pizazz to the base Shiny and flexdashboards. We will then discuss layouts and workflows that are best suited for styling your interactive R outputs.

March 2021 meeting: diabetes on social media and styling interactive outputs

Our speakers are Mirjam Eiswirth and Elliot Meador.

See you there!

Federico Andreis

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