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The second session of 2021 will be on February 17th, join us from 5.30pm online! As usual, the meeting will be open for all to attend, and newcomers / beginners are very welcome.

Our online meetings are kindly being enabled by Red Hat. In order to join us you need to register with MeetUp.

Our speakers are Dave Evans and Eric Nantz.

  • Dave Evans was the first data scientist at FreeAgent and currently leads the data science and analytics teams. Before joining FreeAgent, Dave worked at the University of California, San Diego and CERN.

  • Eric Nantz is a principal research scientist at a large life sciences company, creating innovative analytical pipelines and capabilities supporting study designs and analyses. Outside of his day job, Eric is passionate about connecting with the R community as the creator/host of the R-Podcast, Shiny Developer Series, and the recently-launched R Weekly Highlights podcast.

The unintended consequences of machine learning: detecting nonsense with a markov model

Dave Evans

In this talk I’ll discuss how I created a transition matrix from character data to filter fraudulent signups to our web application and illustrate how using machine learning can easily introduce unwanted biases.

The New Roads Leading to Shiny Nirvana

Eric Nantz

Since its first release over eight years ago, the R community has progressively created amazing web-based applications with the Shiny package. In practically every R conference or user meetup, we see amazing examples of how Shiny is changing the landscape of data exploration and sophisticated production pipelines. Have you ever wondered just how these amazing applications came to be, and what tools you can use to carve your own Shiny journey? In this talk I will shine a spotlight on the latest books addressing best practices in application development, and how they opened tremendous possibilities in both my professional and open-source Shiny projects.

February 2021 meeting: unintended consequences of machine learning and Shiny Nirvana

Our speakers are Dave Evans and Eric Nantz.

See you there!

Federico Andreis

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