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The first session of 2021 will be on January 20th, so join us from 5.30pm online. As usual, the meeting will be open for all to attend, and newcomers / beginners are very welcome.

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Our speakers are Alberto Arcagni and Jonathan Sidi.

  • Alberto Arcagni is an assistant professor in statistics at the Sapienza University of Rome. His research topics concern income inequality, wellbeing, networks and partially ordered sets. He developed the R packages sBF, ineqJD and parsec.

  • Jonathan Sidi Jonathan Sidi started using R close to 15 years ago, while a research student at the Bank of Israel. Currently, he is the Associate Director of Modeling and Simulation in a pharmaceutical company using R every day to model central nervous system diseases. He maintains and contributes to CRAN packages such as ggedit, ggeasy, remedy and carbonate and way too many packages on GitHub.

parsec: an R package for PARtially ordered sets in Socio-EConomics

Alberto Arcagni

In his talk he will describe the main tools provided by the R package “parsec” to define partially ordered sets (posets) and their application on the evaluation of multidimensional systems of ordinal indicators with a particular focus on socio-economic analysis.

Unit Testing Shiny App Reactivity

Jonathan Sidi

When developing Shiny apps there is a lot of reactivity problems that can arise when one reactive or observe element triggers other elements. In some cases these can create cascading reactivity (the horror). The goal of reactor is to diagnose these reactivity problems and then plan unit tests to avert them during app development, making it a less painful and more robust experience.

View Yoni’s slides on Github.

January 2021 meeting: partially ordered sets and reactivity in Shiny apps

Our speakers are Alberto Arcagni and Jonathan Sidi.

See you there!

Federico Andreis

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