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Our upcoming meeting will be held one week earlier than usual, on Wednesday 12th of September, from 5.00pm. The venue is 50 George Square, room G.06 (see map below). As usual, the meeting will be open for all to attend, and newcomers / beginners are very welcome - and that includes the pub trip afterwards.

Our first speaker is Alastair Kerr, Bioinformatics Core Facility Manager (Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology, University of Edinburgh). He will be presenting to us a short:

Demo on R plumber

R Markdown and R Shiny facilitate R-programmers to communicate their data and ideas to other people. But how can R code and data be made interoperable with other computers and programming languages? Representational State Transfer (REST), is a common standard that enables RESTful applications to communicate over HTTP and is found in many web services. The R package plumber adds this functionality easily to existing R code. I will explain what you need to know about creating your own RESTful program in R and plumber, highlighting some key features and security considerations. Assuming internet connections and firewalls are working as expected, there should also be a live demo that will allow you to interact with the apps using a laptop or smartphone.

Our second speaker is Nevil Hopley, Head of Mathematics at George Watson’s College, and the author of Calculator Software. He will be discussing:

The Journey from R Scripts to R Markdown to Shiny (pdf here)

After starting programming with R back in January 2017, Nevil Hopley has now arrived in the world of Shiny interactivity! This first talk (1 of 2) will describe a project that started as a simple R script, evolved into Rmarkdown and has now arrived in Shiny. There will be stories of many dead-ends, a few moments of enlightenment, and the professional help received from Jumping Rivers consultants. You’ll see ggplot, plotly and networkD3 visualisations of school exam data as well as snippets of R code. Git and GitHub may even get a mention. Part 2 of the talk will conclude at a future EdinbR meeting.

For any newcomers, here’s a map of where we’ll be:

See you there!

Caterina Constantinescu

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