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Our upcoming meeting will be held on Wednesday 18th of April, at 6.00pm, in room G.04, 50 George Square (see map below). As usual, the meeting will be followed by drinks and chat in the Potting Shed. Our meetings are open for all to attend, and newcomers / beginners are very welcome!

Our first speaker is Dave Evans, Engineering Team Lead (Analytics) at FreeAgent, and ex particle physicist. In this talk, he will be telling us about:

The cargo cult of the south seas (slides here)

Some of the behaviours that have been observed when less developed societies come into contact with modern industrial technology bear a striking similarity with how science is used and abused in every day life. In this talk I’ll revisit the analogy first made by Richard Feynman, and discuss how it permeates everything from project management to usage of third party R packages, and what we can do as scientists to help.

Our second speaker is Nevil Hopley, Head of Mathematics at George Watson’s College, and the author of Calculator Software. He will be talking about:

R Markdown with bump charts, heatmaps and networks (slides here)

This short talk will describe the move from using R Scripts to R Markdown, the hurdles that were encountered along the way and the subsequent generation of various static and interactive data visualisations relating to UCAS University applications. These will include bump charts, heat maps, networks and the trusty stacked bar chart!

For any newcomers, here’s a map of where we’ll be.

See you there!

Caterina Constantinescu

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Dr. Caterina Constantinescu

Data scientist @ The Data Lab, University of Edinburgh.

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