Our next meeting will be held on Wednesday 15th of February, at 5.00pm, in LG.11, David Hume Tower (on the lower ground floor - map below). As usual, the meeting will be followed by drinks and chat in the Potting Shed. Meetings are open for all to attend and newcomers/beginners are very welcome.

Our speaker is Juan Fumero from the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh, who will talk about:

Automatic Acceleration of R programs with GPUs

Graphics Processor Units (GPUs) are interesting hardware to parallelize and speed-up applications. However, the programmability of these devices is quite complex for most of the users and the existing standards for GPU programming are mostly available for low-level languages such as C.

Academia and industry have proposed and implemented higher-level abstractions on top of the most common dynamic programming languages to program GPUs much more easily. For example in R, GPU programming is possible through external libraries (for a certain number of operations) or via wrappers in which the GPU code is normally written in C. But, would it not be better if the R interpreter could offload the potentially parallel R code to the GPU automatically?

In this talk we present an R interpreter that automatically offloads parts of the R program into the GPU without any changes in the source code. We will show some preliminary results and a demo with a few examples. We will also show an overview about how the translation process (R to the GPU with OpenCL) is performed.

For any newcomers, here’s a map of where we’ll be.

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